Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ghim Mo Market and Food Centre

Besides the two infamous Rochor or Selegie 豆花 (beancurd) that everyone has tried so far, let me introduce a new place in the West, Ghim Mo Market.
Regardless you're travelling by car or public transport, the Ghim Mo market is quite accessible to everyone. It is actually well-hidden in the neighbourhood opposite the Buona Vista MRT station. If you're not a "Westerner", you can always check with me on the exact location of this market.
Since young, I always love eating at these kinda market areas. I remembered my 姑妈 used to wake me up very early on every Sunday mornings when I stayed over at her place and she would drag me down to these markets for breakfast.

There are about 3 stalls selling beancurd over here, but I have chosen Kang Fatt (#01-23), that looks more traditional and authentic. Nevertheless, it was not as smooth as the other famous brands, but its' relatively cheaper (80cents per bowl) and not too sweet. Healthy dessert for all folks.

金燕子 Dessert Stall, #01-53.
This stall looks pretty famous as there was a long queue when we got the Cheng Teng. Slightly different from the usual one I had in hawker centres or foodcourts where the soup looks darker. Maybe its' due to the lack of red dates in this dessert, but overall its' super refreshing! I am not too sure whether are they using brown sugar syrup or the Gula-Melaka, but its' definitely not sweet at all. Good choice under the hot, scorching weather.
Another stall that caught our attention, Funan Weng Stall, #01-64.
This stall is just directly opposite the 金燕子 Dessert stall and once again, you can see queue forming up to buy their food.
And since the stall imprinted the Prawn Chicken Ipoh Hor Fun as part of their stall name and news articles recommending this dish, we have no other reason but to order what we're supposed to!

The herbal sauce, as they proclaimed, was supposed to be made from a few number of herbs even though I could only taste a mildness of it. But what I like about this dish was the generous amount of huge prawns and chicken. The prawns are fresh and tasty. It makes the whole hor fun sweet and delicious. I doubt there's any MSG in it because I don't really feel thirsty after eating this plate.

Ghim Mo Market and Food Centre
Blk 20, Ghim Moh Road


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